About Piratical Parrot

About Us

So many designs


There are so many sizes, shapes and designs to choose from.   Would you like a design painted, inlayed in resin ,  or a special lid.  We got you covered!

Exotic and Domestic Woods


We love wood!  Everything from oak, maple, purple heart, canary wood, walnut, mahogany, paduck, ebony and so much more!

Excellent Fit and Finish


Each vessel is meticulously crafted, from the finest and safest materials. 

WE love parrots

Meet our Flock!

We have the opportunity to bring our feathered family with us to some of the events where we vend!

We bring our feathered family with us to some of the events we vend!  We love to share our love for parrots and they love to meet you!   The Piratical parrot will set up a special aviary at some of our vending events - visit the parrots, learn about the exotic lands they are from,  conservation efforts and their care.   


Robert "Birdman" Oz makes lovely mugs and also rescues, adopts and fosters parrots in need.  We love to educate on responsible bird ownership.  It's not as easy as it looks!

About Us


Lefty's Legacy

"Lefty" was a very special Green Wing Macaw that passed from  this world too soon.  He was rescued from a deplorable situation and spent the last few months of his life in comfort and in a loving home.   His loss still leaves a hole in our hearts.  It is the goal of the Piratical Parrot to set up a fund - "Lefty's Legacy" to help rescue and fund needed health care for parrots in need.